The fine lines on my forehead seemed to be fading too with SkinRemide Facial Patches

I was recently kindly sent some SkinRemide facial patches to help my wrinkles! These little patches are super easy to stick on to clean skin and forget about overnight. They smooth out existing wrinkles and expression lines by keeping the skin taut, which also prevents new ones from appearing! Sounds good, right?

So I mostly concentrated on my forehead and number 11 lines in between the eyebrows as my elevenses are my main concern. Within a few days I noticed a visible difference in one of the lines (which seems to be a bit deeper than the other). The fine lines on my forehead seemed to be fading too!

Overall I've been impressed with the results after only a couple of weeks. The recommended use is for three hours or more or overnight. They are transparent and do have good sticking power! They are also latex free and hypoallergenic. As there are over 100 in a pack these will last you a good while. Your own skincare can also be used in conjunction with these, just make sure they are fully absorbed so that the product sticks!

I loved using them as something easy, new and fun in my nightly routine.