About Us



At SkinRèmide, we believe that everyone’s journey to their version of beauty is entirely their own. Our aim is to help our customers feel confident in the face they present to the world so that they can excel in their goals.

Now more than ever our skin has to face a barrage of assaults from environmental aggressors such as UVA and UVB rays (think A for aging and B for burning), pollution and lifestyle stressors. Without the right protection and tools our daily experiences can show up where we’d least like it to, on our faces…

That isn’t the end of the story, far from it! You might have thought the only way to ‘get rid’ of fine lines and wrinkles is to go down the injectables route of filler and Botox. Here at SkinRèmide we say forget about harmful needles and invasive treatments, all you need is the knowledge of how wrinkles are caused. The SkinRèmide Facial Patches smooth existing expression lines and hold them taught, preventing them deepening and new ones from appearing.

With the latest in medical technology you can wave goodbye to wrinkles with consistent use of only 3 hours a day. We can’t wait to see your overnight results!